Watch live tv now in your android.

June 2, 2016 admin TV Online

DISH Anywhere

DISH Anywhere.Take your TV with you. With the DISH Anywhere app, you can watch every TV channel you get at home on your Android device. Enjoy your favorite live or recorded programs anytime, anywhere. Also, manage your home television with a full-featured DVR manager and a searchable program guide. This is a must-have app for […]


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Korean Playlist M3u

November 5, 2015 admin Playlist Files M3u

Korean Playlist m3u.How to use? Save the text below as a file extension m3u. And applied to the VLC application or applications IPTV. #EXTM3U Korean #EXTINF:0, J Golf HD rtsp:// #EXTINF:0, kpop rtmp:// #EXTINF:0, kpop2 rtmp://;=&jsEnabled=false&browseMode=false&t=699724&lschannel=true&allowchat=false&autoPlay=true #EXTINF:0, kpop8 rtmp:// #EXTINF:0, mtv #EXTINF:0, rtmpe:// playpath=BST1 swfUrl rtmpe:// playpath=BST1 swfUrl= live=1 […]


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What media formats work with JW Player?

October 26, 2015 admin Playlist Article


JW Player leverages both native HTML5 browser video and Adobe Flash Player. This allows the player to support a wider range of browsers/devices and media formats than is possible with HTML5 alone. Below is an overview of which formats and browsers function with JW Player: Desktop Browser Support Chrome MP4, FLV4, WebM AAC, MP3, Vorbis […]


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XBMC Code Names

October 11, 2015 admin Playlist Article


-XBMC/Kodi codenames- Atlantis v7 -xbox version Babylon v8 -xbox version+ Camelot v9 -xbox version+ Dharma v10 -xbox version+ Eden v11 -first full xbmc version without xbox Frodo v12 Gotham v13 Helix v14 -changed name from XBMC to Kodi -debuted Nov 2014 Isengard v15 -debut April 2015 -Android codenames- ‘Astro Boy‘ ‘R2-D2’ ‘Bender’ may have been […]


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What is DVB-CSA3 ?

July 6, 2015 admin Dreambox Server

In 2007, the DVB Project approved and began licensing a new scrambling system, CSA3, for protecting DVB content.┬áThis new system, upon implementation, will attempt to eradicate many of the flaws with the original DVB-CSA system, including introducing an AES based 128-bit key system. The system will reportedly be “hardware friendly and software unfriendly”, indicating that […]



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